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Real Estate Finance

When: Thursday, October 1, 2020 at 9:00 AM
Where: 847 Quarry Road Suite 110, Coralville, IA 52241
Class Type: Pre Broker

For the most up-to-date class information, see the IAR website (link below). Classes may be transitioned to an online format at the discretion of the Iowa Association of REALTORS®.

6 Hour Pre Broker or 6 Hour Renewal Elective
After completing this course student will be at to: Define and explain the use of the principal financing instruments- the note and the mortgage. Name major sources of mortgage loan funding in the primary market. Identify and explain the role of the primary players in the secondary market. Explain the significance of the Federal Reserve Board as it relates to mortgage lending. List the benefits and criticisms of the current trend toward computerized load approvals, including the "drive-by appraisal. Calculate the "borrowing power" of a prospective purchaser. List the components of an adjustable rate mortgage, the benefits and disadvantages. Calculate Monthly mortgage payment on any given loan. Describe the guidelines for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, FHA and VA loans


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