Iowa City Area Association of Realtors | CRS Class: Power Up on Smart Home Technology

CRS Class: Power Up on Smart Home Technology

When: Thursday, October 25, 2018 at 8:30 AM
Class Type: Elective
Certification: 8 Credits

What qualifies as a “Smart Home” and how do you leverage its functions and features in your marketing strategy? Do you have the knowledge and skills it takes to advise your clients to properly value and use various Smart Home technologies? What are the common security and legal considerations associated with buying and selling Smart Homes?

These questions and many more are addressed in this one-day course which can be taken individually or as part of the new RRC Smart Home Certification program .

Learning Objectives:

Identify what is needed for a house to be considered a smart home?

Apply promotional ideas to make a house stand out for being a smart home?

Apply marketing ideas to own business to stand out in the market?

Assess value of smart home features?

Address security issues when selling/buying smart home technologies?

Recognize the moral, ethical, and legal obligations that come with showing homes with smart technologies ?

Develop and utilize a smart home selling tool kit for own use?

Develop and utilize a smart home transition checklist


Earlybird thru September 30, 2018

Member Rate: $100.00 Non-Member Rate: $125.00

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October 1, 2018 thru start of class

Member Rate: $125.00 Non-Member Rate: $150.00


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Matthew Rathbun